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German Stunt Association

As a member of the "German Stunt Association (BvS)" we have a large pool of professionals for your next project.

Warpcam I new camera technology

As part of a new prevention concept, stucki action relied on a new camera technology for its traffic safety film “Distraction - A Fatal Linking”. click here for the full article.

STUCKI ACTION – for more Entertainment

our team designs, plans, coordinates all kinds of action sequences. the company was founded by Taurus World Stunt Award nominee Marcel Stucki. We are based in Bern, Switzerland and work worldwide.

all departments like location, camera, stunt & sfx, as well as picture vehicles and post production with sound and vfx on one hand.


combined over 15 years of know how, stucki action guarantees an efficient production support from the individual equipment booking up to 2nd unit support or co-production.

stucki action not only performs services for action we are also an independent film production. With its departments production and financing, camera, stunts and special effects, as well as post-production, production concept offers genre-independent support ranging from single manpower- or equipment-rental services to second unit production for national and international film projects.


from the idea to the finished production, stucki action combines all processes and has established itself nationally & internationally for many years as a consultant for productions as well as a reliable 2nd unit partner for tv series, tv movies and feature film productions.